Bonnet Bay Public School

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The Bonnet Bay P&C represents the school and community of which members may be parents or guardians of children attending the school or people living in the school's community.

The P&C meet twice a school term to:

  • discuss issues regarding the school and the students
  • learn about what is happening at school such as curriculum, new initiatives or new works
  • listen to guest speakers
  • lobby and raise funds for school improvements
  • have a coffee and chat

The P&C is very successful in the organisation of fundraising events and activites to provide funding support for school resources and equipment to support student learning.

The P&C Executive is made up of:

President: Matt Wegrzyn
Vice President: Danielle Arthur
Secretary: Danielle Marsh
Treasurer: Mark Faulkner
Fundraising Events Coordinator: Janice Dipayan-Chen
Subcommittee: Vanessa Peterson, Nadia Leslie, Emily Cappas, Joanna Breeze, Belinda Ernst, Joanne Notley
Uniform Shop Coordinator: Renae Klause
Subcommittee: Jenna Hannan, Kiri Van Nimwegen, Danielle Marsh, Joanna Breeze
Sponsorships: Belinda Ernst and Kiri Van Nimwegen
Grants: Kirsten McLeod

Meetings are held twice a term on different nights to give busy parents the opportunity to attend.  Meeting dates are advertised in the school newsletter.  Please come along for a coffee and find out what is happening at our school and volunteer if the right opportunity arises for you. 

Visit Bonnet Bay Public School P&C Association here.

Student Injury Insurance

One of the benefits covered by the P&C is Student Injury Insurance. This insurance covers students both at school, for activities and excursions, and outside of school hours.  The following website has all the insurance policy and claim documentation.  Claims should be made directly to the P&C Federation using these forms, not through the school P&C.